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African Caribbean Leukemia Trust
- 5k Run For Life


AWEDIS Promotions is grateful for your kindness and support that you have shown to our Club member, Carmenleta, who recently participated in a 5K Run on behalf of the African Caribbean  leukaemia Trust Charity (ACLT).   Her participation assisted in raising £470.00, with an additional £90.00 in gift aid, making a grand total of £560.00, which has gone directly to the ACLT Charity. Fundraising support is still ongoing, with an expectation that this figure is likely to change, with additional funds again going  directly to  the ACLT Charity.  

AWEDIS Promotions is proud to say Carmenleta was the first past the post amongst the women, in an amazing finishing time.

The last late for any additional donation is the 15th October 2023

Thank you all for your continuing support, a key inspirational and motivational factor to Carmentleta's achievement.

Please show your support,  by click on the link below 

"Through your fundraising efforts so far we have been able to raise just nearly £25,000! How Amazing are you! You all deserve a big round of applause! THANK YOU! We are aware, many of you still have your fundraising pages open and this is great; please continue to point family, friends, and colleagues to your online fundraising pages."


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